Monday, August 30, 2010

Ocean Grove 12W Fitness Bootcamp

It was a lovely morning on the beach today for our first session. A list of those who turned up to meet the day........

Annie, Alice, Tess, James, Linda, Ali, Claire, Kristin, Judy, Kath, Paula, Lauren, Felicity and Loretta. There will be a couple more starters on Wednesday and Friday, so feel free to join us at the Ocean Grove main surf beach each Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6.15am.

See you on the beach for the first day of Spring!!

12W Fitness

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Spring Group Fitness Sessions commencing Monday 30th August 2010

A couple of new registrants for our group exercise session block commencing Monday 30th August 2010. Kristen Payne has booked in and so has Troy Wiseman. Good to see Jared back at the morning sessions as well. Laura Middleton has joined the Tuesday/Thursday 5.30pm sessions at the BBQ rotunda along with Basil, Steve and Sarah.

Now that we have broken the back of winter, I hope to see you down the main beach for the 6.15am sessions. This morning, Linda, Maree and Lauren braved the icy wind and after a good warm up we had a session of abs, reflexes, boxing and predicting the outcome of the election.

Not really, we don't get into that high brow discussion too often. It's much more relaxed than that!!