Saturday, October 17, 2009

Daylight Saving and Exercise Groups

Now that we are back on daylight saving time, all personal training and group sessions will meet at the 12w beach steps rather than the BBQ rotunda.

Group sessions on the beach are a great way to get some exercise and socialise with friends during recovery periods. Bring along a friend for a session at any time. I have plenty of exercise gear to cater for extra numbers.

Personal training sessions are designed for those wanting to specifically target their fitness and health as a priority. PT sessions are also a great gift idea.

A little tip for those with leg injuries..........when taking the's up to heaven and down to hell..........meaning when walking up stairs, your leading foot is your strong leg and when walking down stairs, your leading foot is your weaker leg........that way we maintain a stronger position of balance and stability going up and down stairs............................... you do take the stairs don't you??

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Get In Shape for Summer

Our new fitness nutrition group commences Tuesday 20th October 2009 for an 8 week period. The group will have the opportunity to attend 4 individual nutrition consultations with Jill Whelan (Nutrition 4 Health) and 4 group nutrition sessions with advice on healthy eating, recipes, and much more. There will also be up to 24 outdoor fitness/exercise sessions during the 8 weeks with varying session times. Group participants will be able to substitute alternative group session times if they are unable to attend designated sessions.

Cost: $400
(payment plan and eftpos available)

From Tuesday 20th October 2009 to Saturday 13th December 2009.

"Shape up, learn "stuff" for you and your family AND FEEL BETTER about yourself before it heats up.