Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ocean Grove New Year Bootcamp commencing Monday 7th January 2013

Talking to Chris and Loretta and Lauren and Tracey and Ali the past couple of mornings and we have locked in the date of the 7th January 2013 as the start date for a 6 week bootcamp each Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6.15am at Ocean Grove main beach. We might schedule a couple of sessions over the river for variety as well. The sessions will go like this:

Monday concentrates on legs......thighs, butts, and leg strength so you might find yourself doing kettle ball step ups or figure 8  4 kg medicine ball with steps alternating or walking lunges and alternating with reflexes......there will be some running for those who can run and there will be walking for those who can walk!! We will arrive back at the point of origin at the same time so everyone does the same exercises.

Wednesday concentrates on upper body ......push ups on mats, core strength planks, reebok weight poles, 1kg medicine ball looseners and co-ordination exercises, push ups on the railing on the promenade, triceps exercises on the railings, balance and core work....also with some running or some walking!!

Friday concentrates on abs.....abs on mats including at least 30 minutes of abs exercises, followed by stretching and cool down.........there is no running on Friday but there will be co-ordination and reflexes and walking with 1kg medicine balls.

The 6 weeks of exercise is designed for those who are currently exercising but also for those who think a bootcamp is beyond them. You will be able to measure your improvement over the 6 weeks by coming along to each session. You will not be competing against anybody, simply measuring your improvement against your own personal best. 6 weeks of sessions is $240 payable in 2 instalments. If you simply want to come to Friday abs and stretching as a casual it is $15 or you can buy 9 sessions for Friday abs and/or other sessions continuing on over the year for $120. Sessions are transferable to family members so if you can't come, send someone else along to deputise for you! If you know anyone who might be interested pass the word. Look forward to seeing you in 2013!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Beach Exercise 12W Fitness Ocean Grove

This morning was a stunner at the beach promenade. It was high tide and we did a time trial. Results were Chris 4 min 59 sec, Lauren 5 mins 20 sec, Ali 5 min 23 sec, Tracey 6 min 17 sec, Loretta 6 min 30 sec
Loretta is on the comeback trail from a calf strain and we are working hard not to re-injure it!! Friday morning 6.15am on the beach will be a session concentrating on abdominals and core strength with work on the mats. It will be followed by a stretching session also on the mats.There will be NO RUNNING on Friday, so if you have been holding off coming because everyone else will be fitter than you or if you are suffering injuries, this is the session for you........some good body work but no impact work. See you on the beach. John 12w    

Friday, October 19, 2012

2 months to Christmas!

If you have been thinking about a morning exercise session, how about starting fresh next Monday morning on Monday 22nd October at 6.15am at the main beach Ocean Grove. We will be there at Ocean Grove beach on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6.15am.

Congratulations to Lauren and Julian on their wedding day. Chris went along for a look and the photos looked great. Lauren and Julian headed off to Vanuatu for their honeymoon. Coming up soon is Karen's wedding in early November. The hens night is done and dusted and it's all systems go. Remember....Monday is legs day.......stairs maybe!! Wednesday is upper body...reebok poles maybe!! and Friday is Abs.......Plank and situps maybe!!!
........and everyday we do some cardio or boxing. Come along and join us.  John 12W

Friday, September 14, 2012

Spring sessions for September

In the last week there have been some new faces down at 6.15am training in the morning at Ocean Grove beach and Barwon Heads by the river. Welcome to Will, Sarah, Nikole, Nerida, Danielle who have been training and Kate who is starting next week. We have also seen Lauren, Julian, Chris, Loretta, Ali, Tracey, Tom, Kristen, Karen and Tess on different mornings. Whether you come down on Monday, Wednesday or Friday to Ocean Grove or Tuesday to Barwon Heads, there will be a few like minded exercisers watching the sun come up and enjoying the fantastic Spring weather. Everyone is welcome, so don't be shy. See you on the beach.

John 12w Fitness

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dimboola Victoria Hotel

I decided to bite the bullet........I am now a registered lawyer and a registered fitness professional. Sometimes, our fitness and our mindset are affected by the issues going on in our life..........I believe exercise makes us feel good but if things are going in our life that stop us feeling good, we don't exercise and we just want to "know where we stand".........lawyers can tell you where we professionals can tell us what we need to do to physically feel better ...........if you know someone who wants to know where they stand and can't feel better because until they know where they stand, they can't feel better....then I will talk to them and then I will exercise with them ......and then maybe....they will know where they stand which will make them exercise for their betterment...........I run country retreat exercise trips to Dimboola in the Wimmera....we exercise at the Dimboola gym.......we stay at the Victoria Hotel in Dimboola.....we catch the Overlander train from Geelong to Dimboola and back....we have a Devonshire tea in the buffet car...we read a book on the way.....we walk the streets of a deserted town and listen to the parakeets in the trees in the morning.........and we come back to our daily routine......and we say.........break me off a piece of that......expressions of interest invited........cost is reasonable....share the concept if you know somebody who would benefit.......John 12W Fitness

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Morning Ocean Grove Beach Exercise 6.15am

Just an update on class content.
Ocean Grove Monday 6.15am Cardio, box and leg exercises
Ocean Grove Wednesday 6.15am Cardio, box and upper body (Reebok weight poles)
Ocean Grove Friday 6.15am Cardio, box and abs on mats with medicine balls

There are a few with injuries at present (restricting running) so the Tuesday 6.15am class at Barwon Heads rotunda for the moment will be a class concentrating on core strength, boxing, co-ordination and reflexes without any running component. There will also be a Thursday 6.15am class at Barwon Heads this week as I am in Dimboola (for the 2nd last time) this Friday. I hope to see you soon.

Social News: Michelle Budd from Luke Legs and The Midnight Specials have been booked to play at this year's Queenscliff Music Festival! Congratulations to Michelle.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Sessions commencing Monday 30th July 6.15am

I'm off to Bali for 10 days and will be back renewed and refreshed for sessions commencing on Monday 30th July at 6.15am at Ocean Grove main beach. Sessions will be conducted each Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 6.15am at Ocean Grove and at 6.15am at Barwon heads on every Tuesday. Barwon Coast Foreshore Committee have introduced a permit requirement for outdoor training as well as a levy of $1.10 per person per session. I am going to absorb the costs of the permit and will cover the levy by making it a cost of $120 for 9 group sessions (rather than $120 for 10 sessions). I hope that makes sense!! No change at all really.............I just have to be allocated a permit effective as from the 1st September 2012!!

See you down the beach and pass the word. If you have been sleeping in over winter, make the 30th July a date to get motivated. It's called "pre contemplation".........I might do it.......I may do it.........contemplation is..........I will do it...I will do it..........turning up on the 30th July.............I did do it!!!!

John 12W Fitness

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Over the next couple of months I will be teaching fitness students in Dimboola on Friday and Monday.
Sessions at Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads will be on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as follows:

Tuesday at Barwon Heads 6.15am Rotunda opposite pub
Wednesday  at Ocean Grove 6.15am at main beach next to change rooms/toilet block
Thursday at Ocean Grove 6.15am at main beach next to change rooms/toilet block.

No sessions on Monday & Friday. Congratulations to all who completed 8 weeks of early morning yoga. It was a great stretching experience and it was fun to watch some keeping quiet for a whole 45 minutes. You know who you are!!   John 12w Fitness

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

No sessions on Friday 11th May & Monday 14th May 2012

Just a quick note to let you know there are no sessions on Friday 11th May this week as I am in Dimboola and no sessions next Monday 14th May as I will be returning from Queensland after a weekend flight up. The remaining sessions this week are yoga 6.15am Wednesday, Barwon Heads 6.15am Thursday and next week all sessions are on except Monday. If anyone wants to bring their daughter to yoga this week, (Wednesday yoga 6.15am Ocean Grove for an early Mother's Day back at ya!!) there are a couple of free spots. You can bring them as your charge because the session is already paid for. Text me if you want to do that so we can allocate mats. Cheers John

Monday, April 23, 2012

Week 5 Bootcamp Ocean Grove group fitness

Today was the first session of a new 4 week block of sessions. We completed a 1km time trial, sit ups, push ups, plank, runners' starters, wall sit, step ups and conversation in between! It was a great session with some good results. Time trials for the 1km were bench mark levels and there were significant improvements on the core strength, leg and abdominal results.

Wednesday 6.15am is our next yoga session followed by cardio/boxing session Friday 6.15am at Ocean Grove beach. If you have any friends who would like to join yoga, text me on 0488272029 as there may be a couple of spots for 6.15am Wednesday or if you are just starting back with exercise, yoga is a good introduction. There are also sessions at 6.15am Tuesday and Thursday which cater for the exercise beginner. Cheers John 12w Fitness

Sunday, March 25, 2012

12W Fitness Group Exercise Bootcamp & Yoga at Ocean Grove

I've just been looking at the awesome view at KYO yoga studio. If you want to join us for 6.15am yoga each Wednesday morning at the studio let me know as soon as possible. Numbers for yoga are limited so get in early. The session will be conducted by Jill and will involve hatha yoga and restorative yoga. Hatha yoga consists of physical poses/asana, breathing techniques and relaxation to achieve balance between body and mind whilst restorative yoga is a very gentle class suitable for rehabilitation after illness and injury.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


12W FITNESS takes you to KYO YOGA in Ocean Grove as part of the new 8 week bootcamp.

12W FITNESS Bootcamp commences at 6.15am Monday 26th March at Ocean Grove main beach.
There are 3 sessions each week.

Monday - Beach training
 Wednesday - 6.15am - Yoga session KYO Yoga studio
Friday - 6.15am - Beach training
Numbers are limited, so register your interests early by contacting John O'Halloran on: 0488 272 029

View from KYO Yoga studio

A  beach session.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

12W FITNESS wakes up to Barwon Heads

What a fantastic way to approach the day!
After a hard session we loved our cool down stretch looking over the river as the sun came up!

Cool down stretch

John O'Halloran of 12W Fitness

Monday, March 12, 2012

12W Fitness Beach Group Exercise

Just a quick note to ask you to amend my mobile phone number in your contact list. My number is now:

Phone: 0488 272 029

Sessions this week will be 6.15am Monday, (Ocean Grove), 6.15am Tuesday (Barwon Heads)
6.15am Wednesday (Ocean Grove), 6.15am Thursday (Barwon Heads).......NO Friday session this week as I will be in Dimboola checking out the Dimboola gym facilities!

Register your interest for the 8 week bootcamp (3 sessions per week) starting Monday 26th March .......see if you have the willpower to commit to a training schedule and stick to it......with help and guidance!!! (A couple of people can only do 2 sessions per week due to work commitments and I will be giving them some workout variations to do at home!

John 12W Fitness

Friday, March 9, 2012

12w Fitness Autumn Ocean Grove Beach Bootcamp 26th March 2012

Just had a couple of new sign ons for Bootcamp. Let me know if you want me to reserve a spot. It will be fun!!

John 12W Fitness

Sunday, March 4, 2012

12W FITNESS "8 week bootcamp starting Mon 26th March"

    12w Fitness will be running an 8 week autumn bootcamp commencing Monday 26th March until Friday 18th May. Sessions will be run each Monday, Wednesday and Friday meeting at 6.15am at Ocean Grove main surf beach. The sessions will be "all abilities" and designed to challenge the individual participants within the group environement with the aim to improve cardio fitness, core/abdominal strength, flexibility, co-ordination and endurance. Trainers will be John O'Halloran with guest trainer Jonathon Gill.

    Payment can be made in 2 instalments with the first payment of $144 on commencement and the second payment of $144 at the commencement of week 5. If you cannot attend a session there are 2 alternative sessions each week on Tuesday and Thursday at 6.15am at Barwon Heads. If you are prepared to commit to the 8 week fitness program you will gain the benefit of improved health, fitness and toning. Friends and family are welcome and a student discount is offered ($10 per session). Get a group of friends to co-commit and improve your fitness and health in a welcoming friendly group fitness environment.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Noosa Holiday

Just a reminder, I will be away in Noosa Queensland next week. There are still classes this week on Tuesday & Thursday 6.15am in Barwon Heads and Wednesday and Friday 6.15am in Ocean Grove. I am in Noosa from Sunday 5th Feb until Saturday 11th Feb and classes will resume on Monday 13th February at 6.15am at Ocean Grove main beach. Come along and join us. I will be doing some research in Noosa on fitness trends and a variety of classes, so be prepared for my return! Hope to see you soon on the beach or on the river!

12w Fitness

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Monday 2nd January 6.15am 12W Fitness Ocean Grove Group Fitness class


Happy New Year

and I hope you had a good one!

It's time to start up our morning group sessions. It's going to be a warm few days so get out for an early morning exercise class. The first class at 6.15am tomorrow will include some barefoot pole weights and some barefoot boxing in the water. Bring a friend or family member and get moving for 2012.
12w Fitness