Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Beach Exercise 12W Fitness Ocean Grove

This morning was a stunner at the beach promenade. It was high tide and we did a time trial. Results were Chris 4 min 59 sec, Lauren 5 mins 20 sec, Ali 5 min 23 sec, Tracey 6 min 17 sec, Loretta 6 min 30 sec
Loretta is on the comeback trail from a calf strain and we are working hard not to re-injure it!! Friday morning 6.15am on the beach will be a session concentrating on abdominals and core strength with work on the mats. It will be followed by a stretching session also on the mats.There will be NO RUNNING on Friday, so if you have been holding off coming because everyone else will be fitter than you or if you are suffering injuries, this is the session for you........some good body work but no impact work. See you on the beach. John 12w