Friday, June 21, 2013

Fitness Update

Just a little bit of news........Lauren has had baby Max who is a new Hawks fan albeit dressed in a Geelong beanie, Chris is off to the World Masters Games in Italy in July where she will be a catcher in softball, Loretta continues to be exceedingly supple but conversely manages to fall on her dodgy wrist every third week, Ali maintains her fitness by adopting a rigorous training regime, Kristen has worked through the Winter hump by turning a blind eye to the Winter hump, Jared has recommitted to exercise and is our new Foxtel contact, brother Bryan will be visting from the USA in July and will be down for a few boxing sessions and he will diagnose and deal with anybody who has any aches or pains.......he is my overseas resident visiting Doctorate of Physiotherapy import and will be bringing his daughters Robyn and Christina as well, as far as I know Maree is a lady in waiting and our best wishes go to Maree and Tom......Ali and I are just back from Bali, a wonderful trip, warm and inspiring but also a tiny bit humbled by how well off we are in this country......every time I feel like grumbling that it's too hard or too onerous.......I will think about Teggu......he has a wife and newborn child and cooks "pisang".....fried banana in batter to support his family......he would not let me pay for the "pisang" because "Mr John" was a nice person. I bought him mie goreng and nasi goreng and gave it to him in exchange for the "pisang".....a fair exchange is no robbery.......but I know I walked away feeling like great.     

Monday, June 3, 2013

Winter on the Beach

Great to be down the Ocean Grove foreshore this morning for a 2km run with Kristen, Chris, Tracey and Jared. The mornings are sensational so have a think about joining us and doing a run and then some boxing or some upper body or abs. It is every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at 6.15am. Ali and I are off to Bali from the 9th June until the 19th June. So why not pencil in the date of Monday 24th June 2013 to kick start your winter exercise regime. Look forward to renewing old acquaintances and meeting the new. Good luck to Maree and Lauren who are in the countdown time period for the arrival of new additions to their households.......households of two will soon be households of "THREE"!!!!!

John 12W Fitness