Friday, December 9, 2011




FRIDAY 23rd DEC - 6.15am (last session for 2011)

*Coffee at the Dunes after class.

HOLIDAY:DEC 24th - JAN 1st

SESSIONS RESUME - JAN 2nd at 6.15am.

Happy Christmas to everyone and thanks for your support during the year!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Run Geelong - "Coulda Shoulda Woulda"

Congratulations to Kristen Jordan and Chris McManus on their efforts in "Run Geelong". Kristen and Chris are part of our Ocean Grove morning group and last Tuesday crossed the bridge and joined the morning Barwon Heads group for a workout.

Kristen and Chris both made me think about the quote of legendary USA basketball coach Pat Riley "Shoulda, woulda and coulda won't get it done ............ If you shoulda and coulda, you woulda done it!" I'm very proud to be working out with these two "shoulda woulda and couldas".


12w Fitness

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pre Christmas Morning Training Sessions

Four weeks to go until Christmas......give or take!!! Come down at 6.15am to our Barwon Heads & Ocean Grove sessions. The next morning session is Tuesday 22nd November 6.15am at Barwon Heads followed by 6.15am Wednesday at Ocean Grove. It will be a good chance to burn off the Christmas party cheer!! (there is no session on Mon 21st Nov).

See you down the beach and bring a friend to enjoy the lovely Spring sunrise and get some huff and puff going. There will be some boxing every session to keep the cardio up, work on flexibility and core strength as well as fine tune the co-ordination.

One day somebody may say to you ...."hey nice core!!!" you reckon???

12w Fitness Group Exercise on the Ocean Grove & Barwon Heads beaches.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Barwon Heads morning group sessions Tuesday and Thursday 6.15am

Great to see 8 early morning risers there this morning for the 12W Fitness Barwon Heads 6.15 am morning group including Merrilyn, Laura, Tracey, Brooke, Loretta, Chris, Michelle and Sarah. It's beautiful exercising early in the morning by the river with the sun rising in the background. Hope to see you there sooner rather than later. Oh, and the mozzies have gone too!!!

Bring a friend down for a bit of early morning huff and puff and boxing too!!


12W Fitness

Thursday, October 6, 2011

12w Fitness Ocean Grove beach group exercise

The mornings have been beautiful with daylight saving and seeing the sun come up. Yesterday we did a 1km warm up run and everybody was equal to or under their personal best time for the distance. Last Monday we went for a 3km run through the beach tracks followed by boxing and abs. The Cotton On Run Geelong 6km fun run is on mid November and we will be gradually increasing distances and pace in preparation for the run. It is an achievable distance for beginner fun runners and it's a great buzz to cross the line the first time. Hope to see you there running with the 12W Fitness group exercisers. Here's a picture of Tom O'H practising his boxing technique when playing for the Headers!!

John O'H

12W Fitness

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

M & D Boxing (Mother & Daughter)

I am going to start a M & D Boxing session on Thursday morning at 6.15am. The sessions will be for mothers and daughters. working as a pair doing various boxing reps. There will be time for chat, time for no chat and time for some serious huff and puff. It will not matter how fit or how unfit you are...everyone can participate and everyone will be challenged according to their ability and fitness...........and it will be fun!!!! The sessions are designed to improve fitness, co-ordination, reflexes and willpower. Getting out of bed for a 6.15am exercise class requires both dedication and willpower. It's easy to roll over .......... .....Send a message.......... I can do this......I have willpower............... I have choice but today I choose to commit..........sessions will be $15 for mum and $5 for daughters. You don't have to bring a can be a special person who comes with you, but you must come as a pair. Now that netball is over and organised sport is in recess, why not test your resolve. If you like the idea tell others, if you don't like the idea, it's okay to roll over.

John 12w Fitness

Sunday, August 28, 2011

12w Fitness 8 week bootcamp Ocean Grove beach commences Monday 29th August 2011 at 6.15am

See you on the beach at 6.15am. The weather is warming up and Spring beckons. It's going to be fun and 3 minutes of step ups will seem like a walk in the park....eventually!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Ocean Grove Spring Beach Bootcamp 12W Fitness 29th August 2011

Our 8 week Spring bootcamp commences Monday 29th August at the Ocean Grove main beach at 6.15am. Sessions will be 3 mornings per week being Monday Wednesday and Friday at 6.15am and Saturday 8am as a make-up class.

The cost: payable in 4 week blocks of $144 on Mon 29th August and $144 payable on Monday 26th September. (equates to $12 per session)

We will cater for all fitness levels so that everyone is individually challenged in a group environment. See you on the beach.

John 12w Fitness

Friday, July 22, 2011

12W Fitness Ocean Grove main beach group exercise

I've added a few new names to the blog email list so you can see yourselves in a couple of photos exercising down the beach. They are sunny shots which help to give us all that positive frame of mind for exercise!! See you down the beach. New sessions start Monday 25th July at Ocean Grove main beach at 6.15am. Sign up for 10 sessions or come on a casual basis.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Monday 25th July new group exercise block of 10 sessions

The 8 week bootcamp block finishes this coming Friday. Commencing next Monday 25th July I will start a new block of ten sessions which will take us up to Spring for a new bootcamp block of sessions. Feel free to bring along any friends to start fresh and eager next week. We have almost beaten the winter chills. Keep it up!!!

Stretching the calves

Stretching after the session

Working out on the beach

Monday, July 4, 2011

Monday morning 1st day of the school holidays

It was great on the Ocean Grove beach beach this morning at the 6.15am 12w fitness session. Jarad and David and Loretta and myself had a fun session. Lots of boxing, co-ordination, interval runs and medicine ball work.

See you on the beach. It's the best part of the day, or if you can't get to a morning session, remember there are sessions on Tuesday and Thursday at 5.30pm at the Ocean Grove bbq rotunda. If you have visitors over the school holidays, friends or visitors are welcome to join us.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday morning 9.30am group exercise

Just a quick note to let you know that commencing Term 3 of school, I will be running a group exercise class at 9.30am. If you are interested let me know. The more the merrier. I have had interest from about 6 people so far. Look forward to seeing you get out there in winter. The mornings are great for exercise to kick start the day. So each Friday there will be a 6.15am session and a 9.30am session.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ocean Grove 12W Fitness 8 week winter beach bootcamp

The 12W Fitness 8 week bootcamp commences Monday 30th May at 6.15am.
24 sessions over 8 weeks, The sessions are 6.15am each Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Ocean Grove main beach. Make-up sessions are 6.15am on Tuesday or Thursday at the Barwon Heads rotunda opposite the pub or 8am Saturday at 12w beach steps.

The cost: $288 payable by 2 instalments....$144 in advance and $144 at week 5.
Join in with a friend and co-commit to go the distance to get over the hump of the "Winter Blues." Early mornings on the beach are the best part of the day watching the sunrise and getting some huff and puff. See you on the beach to get fit, tone up and have some fun.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter sessions

Sessions over Easter will be as follows:

Thursday 21st April 5.30pm bbq rotunda
Good Friday no group sessions. Seascape Health retreat session 11am.
Saturday 23rd April 8am at 12w steps
Sunday no group sessions. Seascape Health Retreat session 10am.
Monday 25th April 6.15am at main beach
Tuesday 26th April 6.15am Barwon Heads rotunda
opposite Barwon Heads pub.
No session Tuesday evening.
Wednesday 27th April 6.15am main beach Ocean Grove

Have a safe and happy Easter. As they said in Hill Street Blues
"Let's be careful out there!"

12w Fitness

Monday, April 11, 2011

New Barwon Heads group session 6.15am Tuesday morning

I have started an early morning group session in Barwon Heads meeting each Tuesday at 6.15am at the rotunda opposite the Barwon Heads pub. Those already training at the Barwon Heads sessions are Claire, Laura, Merrilyn, Ali and Jamilla. Come along any Tuesday morning and all fitness levels are catered for.

New 4 week block of group training commences 6.15am 18th April

A new 4 week block of sessions commences Monday 18th April 2011, 6.15am at Ocean Grove main beach. (Twelve sessions over 4 weeks. Monday, Wednesday & Friday - $120.00) Get together with a group and motivate each other to train together. Bring a friend along or come alone. Everybody is welcome and all fitness levels are catered for.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Junior Netball Sessions : Balance, Agility, Reflexes and Ball Skills

12w Fitness recently conducted fitness sessions including balance, agility, reflexes and ball skills for Ocean Grove Football and Netball Club for Under 13, Under 15 and Under 17 netball teams.
12w Fitness co-ordinator John O'Halloran holds a Working With Children accreditation as well as a Netball Australia Foundation Coaching accreditation.

If your netball club would like to give your junior coaches a rest for an evening, 12w Fitness can conduct a fitness training session for your club. Up to 36 players can be catered for in one session at a sessional cost of $60 per session. Call John on 0488 272 029 for further information on group fitness sessions for junior netballers.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Tuesday mornings 6.15am Barwon Heads session

Commencing Tuesday 22nd March at 6.15am there will be a new class in Barwon Heads meeting in the carpark adjacent to At The Heads Restaurant (next to the kiosk at the entrance ramp). Come along any Tuesday morning and join us.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Ocean Grove morning bootcamp

Congratulations to Kristen, Lauren, Marisa, Loretta and Annie who completed the promenade run this morning. Everybody finished with improved times. Annie was heard to comment " I finished the run without walking, so I am very happy". Lauren ran a quick time and is gearing up for the Melbourne Run for Kids fun run in Melbourne in April. Loretta pushed through and was right behind Lauren and Marisa stormed home in a personal best time. Kristen completed a personal best in fine style. We followed up with a short sharp boxing session for a good blow out!

My next bootcamp start on Monday 28th February 6.15am at Ocean Grove main beach. I hope to see you there.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Autumn Bootcamp commences Monday 28th February 2011

My next 12w Fitness bootcamp group exercise group commences on Monday 28th February at 6.15am at the Ocean Grove Main Beach. There will be 20 sessions over a 7 week period. The cost is $12 per session with payment of $120.00 for the first 10 sessions at the commencement and the balance of $120.00 due at the start of week 4. (The current group finishes on the 18th February)

As it gets darker and cooler in the morning, it gets harder to motivate to exercise. The best way to motivate to exercise is to arrange to exercise with a group of friends who you know will be either picking you up to exercise or waiting for you to turn up before heading off. Think about organising with your friends to commit to exercising together for a finite period of time. 7 weeks is long enough to maintain and improve fitness, shed some kilos, tone up and kick start you for the day. All sessions finish by 7am to cater for those who have to get kids off to school and make the perennial school lunches. Sessions will run Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6.15am with a make up class available at 8am Saturday morning if you miss a session. Beginners are catered for, so tell your friends, "don't be shy!" Early morning Autumn days on the beach are quite magical, so think about making a commitment. I hope to see you down there at Ocean grove main beach for the next 12W Fitness bootcamp.

12w Fitness

Friday, January 28, 2011

Bootcamp Sessions 11-20

See you at 6.15am Monday for the next block of sessions. A couple of people have said to me that they have friends who might be interested, but the friends are a bit daunted and think everybody will be too fit for them. The next 10 sessions will include a mixture of exercise variations including cardio (yes, some running!!! but always back to point of origin so we all end up at the same point), abs, boxing, reflexes, core stability, balance and stretching. If you have a friend who might be interested in joining in, please bring them along for a tryout. The first session for the friend is free, so they have nothing to lose except a kilo or two! The 10 sessions finish on the 18th February, so even if your friend doesn't want to join this group, they can test it out to see if they would like to join the next group starting on the 28th February (the Autumn group).

Cheers John

Friday, January 21, 2011

Beach Bootcamp

We have finished 8 sessions and the beach has been great at 6.15am! Today was magic and all the froth from the floods has disappeared. The second block of bootcamp starts next week. If you want to join in, come down on Monday, Wednesday or Friday at 6.15am. So far we have had Jared, Annie, Tess, Lauren, Loretta, Marisa, Laurie, Kristen, Linda, Sharron, Nicci and Ali, (plus a few guest visitors).

Tuesday and Thursday night at 5.30pm has seen massive improvement in fitness levels. Those attending this week were Steve, Sarah, Laura, Alice, Linda, Laurie and Olivia. Come on down any Tuesday or Thursday to the BBQ rotunda at 5.30pm. Hope to see you there sometime!!

Saturday morning is always on at 12W at 8am as well.

Cheers John

Monday, January 3, 2011

Bootcamp commences Wednesday 5th January 2011

See you on the beach at 6.15am on Wednesday 5th January 2011 for the first morning of bootcamp. All those New Year Resolutions can begin!!!