Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ocean Grove New Year Bootcamp commencing Monday 7th January 2013

Talking to Chris and Loretta and Lauren and Tracey and Ali the past couple of mornings and we have locked in the date of the 7th January 2013 as the start date for a 6 week bootcamp each Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6.15am at Ocean Grove main beach. We might schedule a couple of sessions over the river for variety as well. The sessions will go like this:

Monday concentrates on legs......thighs, butts, and leg strength so you might find yourself doing kettle ball step ups or figure 8  4 kg medicine ball with steps alternating or walking lunges and alternating with reflexes......there will be some running for those who can run and there will be walking for those who can walk!! We will arrive back at the point of origin at the same time so everyone does the same exercises.

Wednesday concentrates on upper body ......push ups on mats, core strength planks, reebok weight poles, 1kg medicine ball looseners and co-ordination exercises, push ups on the railing on the promenade, triceps exercises on the railings, balance and core work....also with some running or some walking!!

Friday concentrates on abs.....abs on mats including at least 30 minutes of abs exercises, followed by stretching and cool down.........there is no running on Friday but there will be co-ordination and reflexes and walking with 1kg medicine balls.

The 6 weeks of exercise is designed for those who are currently exercising but also for those who think a bootcamp is beyond them. You will be able to measure your improvement over the 6 weeks by coming along to each session. You will not be competing against anybody, simply measuring your improvement against your own personal best. 6 weeks of sessions is $240 payable in 2 instalments. If you simply want to come to Friday abs and stretching as a casual it is $15 or you can buy 9 sessions for Friday abs and/or other sessions continuing on over the year for $120. Sessions are transferable to family members so if you can't come, send someone else along to deputise for you! If you know anyone who might be interested pass the word. Look forward to seeing you in 2013!