Friday, February 18, 2011

Ocean Grove morning bootcamp

Congratulations to Kristen, Lauren, Marisa, Loretta and Annie who completed the promenade run this morning. Everybody finished with improved times. Annie was heard to comment " I finished the run without walking, so I am very happy". Lauren ran a quick time and is gearing up for the Melbourne Run for Kids fun run in Melbourne in April. Loretta pushed through and was right behind Lauren and Marisa stormed home in a personal best time. Kristen completed a personal best in fine style. We followed up with a short sharp boxing session for a good blow out!

My next bootcamp start on Monday 28th February 6.15am at Ocean Grove main beach. I hope to see you there.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Autumn Bootcamp commences Monday 28th February 2011

My next 12w Fitness bootcamp group exercise group commences on Monday 28th February at 6.15am at the Ocean Grove Main Beach. There will be 20 sessions over a 7 week period. The cost is $12 per session with payment of $120.00 for the first 10 sessions at the commencement and the balance of $120.00 due at the start of week 4. (The current group finishes on the 18th February)

As it gets darker and cooler in the morning, it gets harder to motivate to exercise. The best way to motivate to exercise is to arrange to exercise with a group of friends who you know will be either picking you up to exercise or waiting for you to turn up before heading off. Think about organising with your friends to commit to exercising together for a finite period of time. 7 weeks is long enough to maintain and improve fitness, shed some kilos, tone up and kick start you for the day. All sessions finish by 7am to cater for those who have to get kids off to school and make the perennial school lunches. Sessions will run Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6.15am with a make up class available at 8am Saturday morning if you miss a session. Beginners are catered for, so tell your friends, "don't be shy!" Early morning Autumn days on the beach are quite magical, so think about making a commitment. I hope to see you down there at Ocean grove main beach for the next 12W Fitness bootcamp.

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